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ACP J Club. 2004 Sep-Oct;141:A12. doi:10.7326/ACPJC-2004-141-2-A12

ACP Journal Club's online version,, is free for ACP members and ACP Journal Club subscribers and has many advantages over the print edition. These include early access to each completed issue, a search engine that provides access to the complete ACP Journal Club archive (minus the outdated items!), and links to other ACP resources and PubMed.

For some time now, we have been publishing key ACP Journal Club content ahead of each print issue, in the Early Journal Club section. From now on we will be posting each abstract and commentary for the forthcoming print issue on a “rolling” basis, as soon as these items are in the final editing stages. For some studies, this will mean access months ahead of the print edition.

We encourage our readers to check the Web site weekly as new abstracts are added. All of these items have passed muster for research methods and, as judged by our physician peers, are highly relevant and interesting to clinical practitioners. What better way to keep up with the medical literature?

Cindy Walker-Dilks
MLS. Research Associate
Brian Haynes, MD, PhD