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Quality assurance

ACP J Club. 1993 Mar-April;118:62. doi:10.7326/ACPJC-1993-118-2-062b

To the Editor

First, let me commend you on the excellent job that you have done in presenting ACP Journal Club. I would like to raise one question about the Quality Assurance section of the journal. One could argue how much importance is in a name, but the term "quality assurance" has always rankled me. Indeed, I do not think one can really assure quality; one can only attempt to improve quality. This has been reflected in the name change of committees in various hospitals from quality assurance committees to quality improvement committees, including the initiation of the concept of continuous quality improvement.

Might I suggest that you change the name of the section "quality assurance" to "quality improvement."

Richard L. Neubauer, MD
Anchorage Community Internists
Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you for the timely suggestion. We have changed the title of the section beginning with this issue.— The Editor